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Preparing for your Newborn Session

       Here are a few tips to help prepare for your session . Gently wipe any crusties from baby's face and if baby is extra dry give the baby a good massage with some lotion (this will also help relax the baby ). Make sure baby is well fed and sleepy when you arrive if possible. If baby is asleep when you arrive DO NOT wake baby to feed . I have found most times(9 times out of 10) when parents wake the baby to feed the baby doesn't want to settle for photos .   Dress baby in clothing easy to get out of so it minimizes the chance of disturbing the baby too much . Please leave the baby in the carrier when you arrive bring the baby inside in the carrier . I will be glad to take over from there. I will take the baby out of the carrier , undress he/she , change diaper if necessary  and get ready to start the session. Please make sure to bring a pacifier even if the baby doesn't normally take one sometimes the baby just needs to have a few sucks from the paci to get the shot I am working on . I can not express how important it is to make sure baby is well fed prior to your arrival . If baby is asleep upon arrival I would let them sleep until he or she is hungry .

Clothing tips for parents and siblings ...
   Prepare to be warm the studio will be a nice warm 75 degrees .
neutral clothing is best cream, whites, blush ,light blues, grey , khaki etc 
Please make sure clothing is free of lint ,and sweaters are free of lint balls . Please remove all chippy nail polish prior to your session or let me know and I will provide you with nail polish remover .
Keep it simple and don't get crazy with too may patterns and NO writing or words on clothing .
I typically wrap the baby for family shots so no need to worry about an outfit . If you have questions about outfits please contact me and I'll be glad to help !
What you should bring ...

  bottle, formula, paci, wipes , diapers , vaseline for boys (make sure to coat baby boys circumcision down before coming) 
(I do have a few of the things here at the studio incase of Mommy brain )

If you have items you would like to have photographed please choose just 1 or 2 that are your favorites . Also I would suggest if you are bringing a prop outfit make sure you buy from a reputable vendor . Most of these crochet outfits you buy from etsy shops are way too big and bulky . I would be glad to steer you in the right direction of where to buy your special outfit from . I have tons of wraps , headbands , hats , pants, rompers, etc so there is no need to buy anything unless its something specific just ask and I will let you know if I have it ! 

My address is 118 Bulloch Bluff Dr , Brooklet , GA   GATE CODE 3200

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